urban sketching 3

Another Georgetown area in-person sketch. This is the Georgetown City Hall - I remembered this building from exploring the area years ago and wanted to give it a try. Perhaps too much perspective stuff going on to get it quite right, but......

Pencil sketch - about 45 minutes .....till I got too cold.

Watercolor added - the side columns are not really so gold - I need to work on my color mixing (sheesh, yet another thing to work on!).  The circle areas are problem angles that I'm asking my Craftsy instructor about. - In looking at the photo I realize I totally didn't notice the steps to the front door when I was there - I guess that's the "in the moment" stuff - more the impression than the exact replication - that would be a photo, wouldn't it?  I obviously simplified it a bit by leaving out all the signs and lightpost, but should have put in some greenery to anchor it.  Well - still learning.

A photo for reference/memory.

This is a challenging path for me but I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far - in spite of the frustrations. Thanks for checking in to see what I'm up to....

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  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Nice, you are doing so much wonderful sketching. xox


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