still sketching

Stopped after work last night and sketched my local Mormon church.....a couple of funky angles continue to show up, but it's looking pretty much like a building!

Then I worked on a couple more at home from photos....these were taken on a trip to Victoria Island, BC a couple years ago.  I use chromecast to put the images on our TV so they're nice and big and it's almost like I'm looking out a window at a view.  I get a little more sense of scale and distance than when I'm just looking at a real photo or my laptop.

Water is a bit challenging and will need some work.  

As my notes say, I drew these with pen (no pencil first!) ala Marc Taro Holmes and used his suggestion for adding darks for emphasis. Not entirely successful, but will work on it.  It's interesting to see such different styles between the classes from Stephanie and from Marc. Stephanie uses predominantly pencil and is pretty precise in her perspective representations. Marc draws only with fountain pens and markers and is more casual with his perspective treatments.  However, both are proponents of  "it doesn't have to be perfect, just believeable"!  I like that!

I signed up for Stephanie Bower's perspective workshop next week. I'm excited to go and see if some in-person instruction will help my "seeing"!


  1. These are so beautiful! :) And I love Victoria!


  2. Just wonderful...kudos to you Terrie.

  3. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Wonderful sketching. I see the designer coming out in your work! xox


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