living in las vegas

ABC Wednesday is all about the letter "L" this week.  Immediately I thought of the years that we lived in Las Vegas.  My lighthearted collage is composed from my own photos of the night lights, lively entertainment, and loose women (oops, left those out :).  Though you probably didn't learn much, hopefully this little trip down memory lane for me will bring a laugh to you!

Live, Laugh, Love - a good philosophy to live by and one that is easy to embrace in Las Vegas. There's lots to do - hike the red rock landscape, look at the luminous night lights on the strip, enjoy the luxurious hotel rooms and lavish buffets, take in some lively entertainment and last but not least, leave with a few extra dollars in your pocket!

Viva Las Vegas!

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  1. that is another GREAT montage - they blend well, and the descriptions are right on
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Such a beautiful collage presentation Terrie!

    My letter L, please come and see.

  3. Great collage and very inspiring for me and my camera -- we're planning to visit friends in Las Vegas next year.

  4. wonderful collage - always wanted to see LV


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