creative tuesday: fall

(ED: I'd forgotten that Creative Tuesday doesn't allow photography as one of it's artistic mediums so I'll just have to participate in their next theme; you can still enjoy my efforts....)  I've missed a couple weeks but upon my return the theme is "fall" and that's perfect because I have all these fall color photos I took in Vermont!

Since I haven't had time to get out my collage stuff or paintbrushes, I decided to digitize fall!  This is my photo taken outside Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory - yes, even in the midst of ice cream overload I was aware of the beauty around me!.  I added two textures from Jerry at Skeletal Mess and also a couple of PSE artistic filters - posterize edges, paint daubs, and fresco.  I played with the opacity etc and came up with this interpretation.  The original photo below.....

I don't know that it's improved - it's just different.  I like the vignetted corners and the painterly quality that the fresco and poster edges give the leaves.  You can see those details better by clicking to enlarge the pictures.

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  1. Darn, sorry, Terrie--beautiful photo, no doubt, but the guidelines for C. T. state clearly that photography of any sort is not accepted for various reasons, unless photographing a piece of 3d art work one has made. thank you for your interest. I hope you will please consider contributing for the next theme then? Thank you for your interest in C.T. :)

  2. Great photo with wonderful colours. Valerie

  3. Beautiful photo Terri. The colour contrasts are fantastic!

  4. Gorgeous photograph! I like how you edited it.

  5. Wonderful photo...such rich colors!

  6. Your pictures are awesome Terrie!!
    I love the red leaves. Really great job!!

  7. both photos are so beautiful! Wow.

  8. Just gorgeous Terri. Thanks for visiting my blog. I"m following you here. Hope you'll follow on mine.

    Coleen in Ukraine


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