Exploring with the Camera: complementary

Kat over at Kat's Eye is continuing her Exploring with a Camera series and now is covering using complementary and tertiary color schemes to take dramatic photos.  She shares a very informative and easy to understand explanation about all that, complete with some of her stunning photography, to help inspire you to notice colors when taking your own photos.

I went back through my photos and noticed quite a few that fit this week's theme:

Las Vegas signage (I was doing a project using typefaces so took lots of "letter" pics - Vegas sure knows how to use color!) - yellow and purple are complementary colors.

This bright bird was in a cage at the Bellagio - blue and orange are complements, and green/orange/purple is a triad - The bird has green and orange, so it's considered a Triadic variation.

A mosaic floor at the Wynn hotel - again with the orange/green blue.

This classic car was at a show in Kingman, AZ - love how that orange and blue really offer contrast!

A trip to China found this little garden tucked away and the one red tree against all the greenery makes a perfectly "complementary" photo!

This building in the Forbidden City, Beijing is a great example of a triadic combination of red, blue and yellow!  It also illustrates how proportion of color can set the tone in an image.

To see more complementary schemes, check out Kat's post and links.


  1. Fantastic examples! I love how you found so many from different places around the world, and from nature to architecture. Thanks for this excellent addition to Exploring with a Camera! It's great to have you joining in.

  2. Great post for the topic! I love the examples that you posted, especially the beautiful parrot. Nature does manage to use color in such amazing ways, no?

  3. Beautiful photos! Valerie

  4. That car is great! I love the orange/blue combo! Great images!

  5. Wonderful images - I suppose I've never really thought about why I like a photo so much - it must be the colour combinations that makes it work.

    from leavesnbloom photography

  6. Fun color captures, loving the mosaic floor.


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