pinterest love: trees & leaves

I forgot my plan to share some of my pinterest finds until a couple days ago, so now I'm back on track.  There's just so much inspiration out there, I love sharing what I've seen so that I might be able to introduce you to a new artist or inspire you to try something new......

Here are a few from my Art: Trees & Leaves board:

Surrender to Evening by Ford Smith

Saatchi Online Artist Ellen Dittebrandt; Painting, "Above my head "
Above my Head by Ellen Dittebrandt  - I love the use of color but also the unusual perspective

Paula Zinsmeister: Cut Trees - intaglio, aquatint, etching, collage
Paula Zinsmeister  - printmaking  - this style totally inspires me to use my own photos more (a long time goal)

I have leaves, try this....    I have a ton of gathered fall leaves - I need to try this!

Cute doodle of mod leaves
Great doodled, painted leaves by Shelley Malone via Flickr.

Colourful tree
Isn't this an amazing watercolor tree?  No link to a site or artist.....let me know if you recognize it. [ed: thanks to Michelle A for recognizing the artist, Brian Payne.]

Sandra Dieckmann - Robin Trees
I love interpretations of birch tress - this is simple and elegant; again with no artist info/link.

in between (6) - altered cardboard packaging by Ines Seidel #mixedMedia
Cardboard, photo transfer and crochet by Ines Seidel on flickr

Pattern floral zentangle
A veritable explosion of leaves!  No artist info.

eva magill-oliver, Soon mexied media and collage

Soon by Eva Magill-Oliver


Berry Farm Studios - Laurie

Ruth Palmer
Deep Roots by Ruth Palmer

Finally, a medium close to my heart: collage. I love the complexity created by using various pieces of text.  by Noli Novak (she also does amazing stipple portraits)

Hope you find a bit of inspiration - you can see more of my tree pins here.


  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Nice group. Ines seidel I am loving lately. xox

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Awesome shares. I looked up the watercolour tree and I believe this is his site.
    Stay inspired!

  3. Wow, I like a bunch of these. More things to try!!! ack! That's the problem with Pinterest - way too freaking many good ideas. Very cool group, you and I have similar tastes in these.


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