365 /3 - pattern

Working on 2 challenges this month - keeping up with my 365 creative efforts for the year and working on pattern-a-day for the month of February with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  You can see lots of cool patterns via Instagram, #28patterns.

#35 - I'm making my pattern explorations on 4x6 index cards.....they've become a favorite go-to size for experimenting thanks to Daisy Yellow and her ICAD project.  Now I always have index cards sitting around to doodle/scribble/write/experiment on!  The last few days I've found myself drawn to exploring grid layouts.

#36 - a little collage and more grid explorations (below)

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  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Fun patterns, the first is a joy for me. xox

  2. These are all fun. You really are very steadily productive. I'm much more binge/abstain or in-the-mood/not-in-the-mood. Sometimes just wanna flop on the couch with a book. Good for you!


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