more 365/3

This week's endeavors continue around my two challenges - #28patterns with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and my work for Jane Davies' class.  One is mindless fun, the other is thoughtful, challenging fun.

#49- 50 - patterning for a few days..... all made with my usual 4x6 index card, micron pens and inktense watercolor pencils.

#51 - 56  classwork for 100 drawings on cheap paper.  This week's lesson scaled back and had us focus on creating monochromatic pieces with minimal variety (the exact opposite of last week's). Once again I had fun playing with the bright colors I love and learning so much! thanks Jane!

Some of the papers - stage one!

It was challenging to make these interesting in their subtlety. Some of the detail isn't showing up through the scan, but it's pretty close.  I made lots more of the red/orange/pink ones, a few more yellows and a couple of the beige/sand ones - the red palette was my fave -the color seemed to glow and was so rich.


  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Seems like you are really enjoying Jane Davies class. Love what you have been doing. xox

  2. Two projects...both Very time-consuming....and you are GREAT at both. Heaven Knows what Jane will have in store for us in the last 3 lessons. I'm relatively anxious.

  3. Love the colour and texture variations in those papers. I can certainly see how those two classes would complement each other. I had the same experience trying to write papers for two very different classes this weekend. When my brain got tired in one direction I could go in the other. :-)


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