week four of 365

Remember my 365 is just to do something creative every day so here's what I managed this week:

Finished my pages for the round robin journal and got it in the mail
painted with watercolors - I'm a little rusty, but this was FUN!

I've come across several ladies who are participating in The Documented Life and as I read about it and gave it some thought and decided to join in.  My version will be tailored to me of course......most of the other ones I saw used tip in pages into a daytimer type journal for their weekly prompts.  I really don't journal (as in writing about my life/feelings, etc.) so I'm going to work the prompts and use the journal for lists (my fave) and art notes and whatever comes to me.  I'm playing catch up for the first few weeks:

Week One - my front door
I love taking pics of doors and windows - I don't know that I have any deep, thoughtful reason like "window to my soul" or "door of opportunity" or anything.  More I think I'm just fascinated with the architecture and composition challenges. On the left I have a few notes about things that happened that week.

Week Two - selfie
I digitally altered a photo of me and on the other page I wrote words that describe me.

Week Three - junk mail envelope

I used a UPS envelope, I made a tag writing what I like about making lists and one the other side I have a list of my 2013 accomplishments.  Then I started a list of 2014 goals......

Mail art - still lovin' mail art and completed a couple of MMSA themes.  If you didn't find time to join in the mail swaps last year, please try to join when you can this year - the rewards are many AND it's just plain fun to get all that creativity in your mailbox.

MMSA orange / aqua swap

MMSA ATC stamp head swap below

Then I found a link on MMSA promoting a request for Valentine's Day postcards for kids in the hospital.  I made a few cards (below).  If you'd like to make some cards, please send to:
Star 106.5
Valentine Cards
5345 Madison Ave.
Sacramento, CA  95841
Or, maybe your own community is having a similar giveaway.

So that's my peek into my creative week...... still playing a bit of catch up on the Documented Life and the 365 since it took me a week or so to figure out my plan but I hope to totally catch up this week.

How are you feeling creative this week?


  1. You make me feel downright lazy!

  2. Anonymous3:57 AM

    You're documented life is so YOU....love your orange and aqua and you stamp heads....cute cards for the kids. xox

  3. Here's a link for more info on the Valentine's day project:


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