365 project wk 3

I need a schedule. I need a mental commitment to post my 365 project on a regular basis to keep me focused. So, I'm arbitrarily picking Mondays for my sharing day.  You'll get a taste of what I've been up to and what I've tried during the week.

Week 3:

I've got a sketchbook that I started two (TWO!) years ago that I'm going back to this year.  I played with doodling some different flower styles.

I worked on the round robin journal with my watercolor paints...... (not done yet)

Some mail art for the MMSA horse exchange

Some bird doodles.......


  1. you sound like me. i have lots of things done, i just don't give myself time to scan or photograph things to post. oh, well.

    looks like you had a productive week!! love your doodles

  2. I hear you on the schedule. I don't get a damn thing done unless I put it on a list or assign it to a certain day. I love a few of your flower shapes and the long legged bird in the center. Also love your creative lettering in 'flowers 4'.

  3. Your doodling is exquisite Terrie.

  4. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Wonderful doodles. lovin those birdie tails....xox

  5. I need to get back into a blogging groove! the longer I'm away, the harder it gets to re-enter. I don't know why. Loving that RR spread, and I'm smitten with that one little birdie who is facing forward with the spiral eyes.


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