Linking Love

I know many of you have regular posts where you link to some of your favorite finds from the week.  For the month of April Tammy over at Daisy Yellow is asking us to be purposeful about our sharing and spread the link love.  Once a week write a post that shares 5 of your favorite blogs, ideas, photos, projects from the week - we all win by meeting new folks and seeing new inspiration.

You can link to Tammy's linky on Fridays or just put all that good linky love out into the blogosphere.....
I follow over 100 blogs (OMG I can't believe I just admitted to that!) though I'm just a lurker on many of them.  Just because I lurk doesn't mean I don't love them and their ideas.....so here are 5 links to blogs worth visiting.

Mail Me Some Art
Karen (notice how I got 2 links in this one listing?) serves as the creative and inspirational host of this great blog.  If you have any interest in participating in mail art of any type, this is the place for you.  There's something fun each week - best of all, there's no pressure, join in when you can and your mailbox will love you!

Pink is the theme for an upcoming postcard swap - cards due to Karen by April 22.  Read details on the site.

Martha Lever
Beautiful art and she shares her path to art so faithfully.

Elizabeth Bunsen

Leafsongbooks2  I love Elizabeth's take on texture, fabrics (she stains/dyes her own), stitching, using natural finds in her work. I'm always inspired by her color palette and beautiful collections.

Nordljus  - a lovely, talented Swiss miss

Open Seed Arts

A favorite tangler, this Zentangle genius is one of my faves to watch.

Hope you enjoy visiting some of my 5 linky-love blogs......  Add your own list and link up with Tammy.


  1. Oh ha! 100 blogs! That's nothing! I have 279 blogs I try and follow. I am a blog hog!

  2. I admit that I have over 100 to follow, and like you, I skim through some.....but different ones each time I check. One way to get me interested is a great thumbnail. Thanks for the links, a couple I know, and a couple of newbies.

  3. Anonymous5:21 AM

    great links! thank you for sharing them. I especially enjoyed Nordljus the lovely talented Swiss miss, lol

  4. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Great links! Found several new loves and refound others that had gotten lost along the way.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Nice selection of inspiration. I follow lots too, don't we all? xox

  6. Brilliant - loved finding new blogs to follow - I'm lagging behind with only 50 on my list!

  7. Yeah, I've gotten to almost 100 before too. I force myself to keep it under 60 now. Ridiculous! Thanks for sharing these links, four of them are new to me! xx

  8. Oh my gosh! How I love your links. So much juciness. I just got very excited! :) (And 100 is nothing!) :)

  9. thanks for the link love Terrie! I keep trying to scale back my blog roll, but then people keep introducing me to more great blogs :)

  10. I'm with Karen. Always something new and wonderful. I have a grouping on my reader that is "blogs to try". I've added a few to it already. Hand dyed fabric and stitching, how can I resist.


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