365 in 2013: #78-88

As you've kept up with your various blogs you read, I'm sure you've come across more than a few are doing "365 somethings" - photos, journal every day, sketching, etc.  Me, collages this year.  Though I'm a little behind (today is day 96 and I'm on #88), here's what I've been working on:

#78 - Eight of Hearts
Everything you make can't be your favorite and this isn't one of mine.  Too choppy and unfocused....ah well.

#79 - Vixen
This one, however, I do like.  Some of the papers are from a swap with Lorinda (thanks again!)

#80  - Gotta Love a Monkey
Came across this monkey from a flyer somewhere and thought he was the perfect addition....

#81 - Mapping Spring
This is one of my larger collages, 6x9", made from the cardboard backing from a tablet. I covered the whole thing with a map and then used the streets as the shapes for the collage pieces.

#82, 83 and 84 are all collages in the round made to send out for the MMSA round postcard challenge:

#85 - Lemon Fresh
Some cut up postcards, ribbon, gum box, my unloved art, painted paper scraps.

#86 - Porto Cruz
A 5x5" collage on a coke box where I painted over but could still see the outlines of bottles and silverware so I highlighted that a bit.....and since I actually drink Pepsi, I changed the name!  Also used a gum box, painted papers, and a label from inside a new dress for vacation.  (yep, we're going on vacation soon - more about that later)

#87 - Cruizin'
We love going on cruises (which is where we're headed next week) and these exotic locales just called to me. Maybe I'll get to see them all some day......

#88 - Pink Stripes
Using up bits and pieces from my tiny scraps pile - these always look a little jumbled to me, but I do like the mix of bright and earth colors in this one.....


  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    These are terrific Terrie...I love mapping Spring!!!xox

  2. I'm really loving this week's collages Terrie. You've done some fun, clever work with the map, the wavy monkey page, and the composition of Vixen and Cruisin. Love those round postcards too!! xx

  3. These collages are great! I especially like the one with the monkey and #79 Vixen.

  4. You are really a blossoming collagist Terrie. LOVE the monkey, and Lemon Fresh...very strong designs.

  5. hi terrie,
    i was amazed to see we have both used the same image in a collage. your #79 vixen.....i posted my page with the same girl in february,don't remember the number. i wonder if this happens often?


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