365 in 2013: #89-97

Wow with this batch, I'm almost on track and caught up!  Then we're headed on vacation and I'm sure I'll be behind again when we return.  That's okay - I have plans to make some while on vacation using stuff I pick up along the way.....we'll see if it actually happens! :)

#89 -   Joy in the Morning

I pulled some pages out of a 1940s Readers Digest "Joy in the Morning" story and tried making some monochromatic, book page only type collages. I did add a bit extra here and there, but mostly it's all book page edges and bits.

#90 - Study in Subtlety

#91 - Darling (from the text)

#92 - You are Always my Good Friend (from Shakespeare)

#93 - restraint journal

Then I turned to my restraint journal to catch up with adding inspirational pictures.  I filled my first restraint journal and have moved to filling up the next one. I focus primarily on using up scraps, bits and pieces yet still making an interesting collage.

#94 - restraint journal (a piece of digital art is the centerpiece)

#95 - restraint journal
I found I had lots of bird images .... I want to try drawing them more and incorporate them into my art now and then.

#96 - restraint journal

Two wonderful tree paintings collaged with layers of tissue and a bit of corrugated cardboard.

#97 - Possibilities
An outgoing watercolor postcard with tissue and found text - the hummingbird is printed on vellum.

I'm loving this challenge!


  1. Still going strong Terrie! Love the subtlety of the book page ones.

  2. Wonderful pages. Love the. Kim

  3. great collages Terrie! love the colours and trees of #96. Can't wait to see what you create while on vacation! xx

  4. love love the collages, so thoughtful and put to together they just flow

  5. These are "beautiful" collage pieces, Terrie! :]

  6. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Nice Terrie, I am enjoying those vintage first three and your restraint journal very much, lots of variety here. Enjoy your trip - want to see all your Belize pics when you come back! xox


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