zentangle: duo tangles

I haven't participated in awhile, so it's overdue.....zentangle challenge #60 by Laura at I am the Diva is to make a tile using only the tangles cirquital and muchkin.  As you might suspect, cirquital is the circular pattern and muchkin is the lined triangles one.

I've tried cirquital before and found it difficult to do - it's hard for me to get those prongs evenly spaced enough to have the points be in a negative space.  However, I love munchkin - easy and rewarding and a great fill tangle.


  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Very cool. I don't know enough about zentangles to be familiar with all of the pattern names, but I really enjoy looking at the work of those who do :)

  2. You have inspired me to investigate zentangles Terrie

  3. Both of these are great, your second Munchin's look very much like lovely palm fronds. Nicely done.

  4. Your zectangles are wonderful and some of the best I've seen out here. :)

  5. I am still rubbish at these things, but until I get better I keep looking at yours and enjoying them... just can't get the balance right...xx


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