happy mail

Yesterday's mailbox was a delight - in addition to the couple of junk mail pieces (saved those envelopes), I received postcards from Corinne and Karen.  Both so springy and pretty.  Thanks Corinne for sharing one of your washi tape sources from ETSY (see PrettyTape) and thanks Karen for sharing all your techniques.

Then, I was the prize winner at Marilyn's at Rock Art and she sent me this beautiful piece of art (gorgeous layers and collaging in the dress) wrapped in this scrumptious toile tissue paper, AND a set of 12 markers (can't wait to use them) as well as a beautiful card and envelope.  There's a wealth of future collaging materials here and all so pretty, I just have to look at them for awhile.  The art goes on my inspiration wall immediately!  Thanks so much Marilyn (hope your hubby is out of the hospital soon!)

I'm just now putting out feelers and trying my hand at sharing mail art (postcards or envelopes of little goodies) with some of my blogging buddies.  If you'd like mail from me (and you'll return mail to me), just email me your address (or comment to me and I'll return by email) and I'll add you to my Happy Mail list.

All this delicious mail came at a perfect time since I seem to be coming down with something and have a serious case of the blahs!  This definitely lifted my spirits.


  1. You have received some beautiful art work, hope the blahs soon go away! Valerie

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Oh yummy mail from Karen, she sends great mail!!! Thanks for the shout out! And a Marilyn winner, lucky you. I won a piece from her last year. I do hope her hubby gets all better soon. xox Corrine

  3. Look at you with all of your pretty prezzies! Glad they helped fight off the blahs--there's nothing worse. I would love some happy mail. Sign me up! victoriaveggie at gmail dot com

  4. YAY! I'm always happy when things arrive intact. I like the gamble of sending things "naked" rather than in an envelope, but someone recently emailed me to say the "punchline" text was missing from the post card I sent her. Beautiful art you got from Marilyn, and always a treat to get a PC from Corrine. Funny - I just ordered some aquamarkers and am eagerly awaiting my blick box to arrive. I'll be interested to see what you do with your markers and how you like them. -karen

  5. Congrats on all the goodies, sounds like you had a good day! I've heard about this mail art, sounds interesting. Can't wait to see your AB! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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