summer journal: tangles

There were no weekend prompts for In the Sun, so I just played with ideas.

Above is an exploration of the letter T - the journaling says since letters are so cool and iconic, it might be a fun series to explore in collage...

This journaling is easier to read - it reflects my new addiction to zentangles. I happened upon a site in my random art wanderings and was intrigued. As I found more and more, I had to try it and now I have started a whole separate sketchbook with my tangles!


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    this is so cool,, beautiful I like it too!

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Gosh I love your work - and the tangles are spectacular!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  3. Never heard of zentangles before.
    Seems like a lot of fun!
    Nice pages, as always ;-)


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