summer journal: summer makes me feel..

Playing catch up ... yesterday's prompt was "Summer Makes Me Feel" and after much thought, I came up with very conflicting ideas: I feel lazy - but I want to go places; I want to be outside - but it's rainy a lot; I feel a lack of direction/focus - but I want to create. Then as I mulled further, I realized every summer what I really feel is ............... the urge to travel. We miss our "big" trips and eagerly await the day we can take an international trip again! Til then, I'll journal about it! :)

No prompt today, so I thought I should relate what's going on. T&C are staying with us for a couple days as they prepare for B's wedding (tomorrow!). The rehearsal dinner is tonight, then we all go celebrate as the youngest of the four boys takes the plunge first. L's color is purple, thus the purple ribbon and tissue layers; roses for the traditional wedding flower (though I doubt that's what she'll have). It's so much fun to be here to celebrate with T&C as one of our babies moves to the next phase of his life!

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