susie's collage

I've had an idea for a collage for Susie for weeks (her birthday is coming up). I found an old (1952) children's book at Good Will called Sand Dune Pony, complete with ink illustrations. I wanted to use the text & pics as the basis for a horse themed collage for Susie.

I started with canvas again, added torn music page and crackle medium then painted over it with burnt sienna and ochre. I used horse pictures I'd saved from magazines as well as pages from the book and began.

Above is the preliminary layout before anything is glued down. Of course once I started gluing, things changed. I like it okay, but feel like it needs more. I knew I wanted to add some textural elements again and thought that might help. I found a spool of the perfect rustic wire and terra cotta stars I've had forever so added those.

The stars are a good textural addition but I'm not loving the lower one with the beads - it feels disconnected, so I'll rework it.

Here's the final version - I cut off the star & beads, wrapped them in wire and moved a little off center. Then for balance I added the tangle of wire in the upper left. I love the added texture and more rustic feeling with the wire - I also love the personal touches of a picture of Susie & her horse Lady and the stenciled "P" for her last name. All in all, a success.

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Did she love it? I do! (visiting from Strathmore)


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