Second Collage

After the surprising success of my first collage attempt, I jumped right in to the next one. I had several small collages started on watercolor paper, so I picked one in blues & greens with a watery, nature feel. Since I wanted more color and to experiment with my new acrylic paints, I began by painting my canvas a mix of blue and green.
Detail of just the collaged paper portion of the overall collage showing the seaglass, beads and leaf.

I took much longer and days went by while I contemplated each next step. On this collage I did incorporate some more dimensional things: smooth sea glass held on by beads (yay!) and a dried leaf that I found.

There was an online video about using felt to add texture and create a 'frame' for a small collaged piece on a larger ground. I wanted to try it so waited for felt to go on sale at JoAnn's. Out came needle and thread and I discovered I needed a much tougher needle....back to JoAnn's. So the felt and paper are stitched to the canvas and the seaglass is stitched to the whole shebang. Dan gave a less enthusiastic review to this one......

But, I perservere.

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