First Collage

My most recent obsession is collage. I've always enjoyed mismatched, jumbled-but-with-a-purpose jewelry, art, and even glassware or dishes. Now I'm exploring how to turn a bunch of random papers and paint into an interesting collage.

Part of what attracts me to collage is the addition of more than just paper and paint - I love my beads and want to incorporate those, or pieces of found metal or feathers or whatever..... making the collage more dimensional. That's where I lose Dan.

As with any artistic undertaking, there are tools needed - luckily I have most of them from other crafting endeavors - paint & brushes, check; paper, check; patterned paper (scrapbooking), check; beads (jewelry making), check; ribbon/thread/cords, check. So, I'm well stocked....but what do I do with it all?

On canvas with acrylic paint, textured Japanese paper and old sheet music.

Dan's been very underwhelmed with this undertaking, so when I showed him my first partial effort, I didn't expect much. Instead, I got a rousing "I love it!". When I told him it wasn't done (I had lots more going on in my head), he demanded I stop and hang it as it was. So I did.

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