reading - part 1

I  am an avid reader. Last Jan. when I came across a proposed reading challenge on FB (thanks Tracey Fletcher King!), I enlisted a couple of friends to join me and we tackled the list of 50 reading categories. I finished all 50 categories ...... the last book wrapped up about when the ball dropped on new year's eve.  :)

I posted progress fairly regularly on FB, but for those of you out there who are also readers, here's what I read last year....the 50 categories plus another 26 books for a total of 76 books!  You can see my reviews on Goodreads (tpurk13). By the way, if you're on Goodreads, message/friend me - I'd love to follow along with what you're enjoying.

Tigerman  JANUARY
Bk with a 1-word title:   Innocence, Dean Koontz   (B) - supernatural thriller
Bk by new-to-you author:   Tigerman, Nick Harkaway  (B)   recommend  something different
Pulitzer prize winner:   Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strout  (B)    relationships in a small town
A funny book:   Gone to the Dogs, Mary Guterson  (C) (not very funny)
no category:   Alarm Girl, Hannah Vincent   (B)   family issues set in Africa

The Farm    FEBRUARY
Bk set in a different country (Sweden): The Farm, Tom Rob Smith  (A)  recommend (thanks Karen!)
Bk about or w/ animal as main character:  The Sound & the Furry, Spencer Quinn  (B-)
Bk written by author w/ your initials:  Little Saigon, T Jefferson Parker (tp)  (C)  mystery
Bk based on a true story:  Driving over Lemons, Chris Sewart  (B+)  recommend  buying a farm in Spain and starting over
no category:   Daddy's Girl, Lisa Scottoline   (B)   mystery

Epitaph  MARCH
Bk published this year:   Epitaph, Mary Doria Russell (A) highly recommend  life of Wyatt Earp brothers - very well researched & new perspectives
Bk that made you cry:   The Lobster Kings, Alexi Zentner  (B+)  recommend   family relationships
Bk by a female author:  Eden Close, Anita Shreve  (C)
Bk w/ color in the title:   White Nights, Ann Cleeves  (C)    mystery
Bk w/ more than 500 pgs:   All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr   (B+) recommend  unique perspectives on WWII

The Paris Wife   APRIL
Bk recommended by a friend:   The Paris Wife, Paula McLain  (B+) (thanks Debbie F)  recommend  Hemingway's life told from wife's perspective, based on letters & extensive research
Bk started but not finished:   The Serpent of Venice, Christopher Moore   (F)
Bk from author you love but haven't read:  Divine Justice, David Baldacci  (B)  mystery
Bk with a love triangle:   The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway  (D)   classic
Mystery / thriller:   A Tap on the Window, Linwood Barclay  (A)   recommend    mystery
A trilogy:   The Magician King, Lev Grossman  (B)   magic along lines of Harry Potter but different
A trilogy:   The Magicians, Lev Grossman  (B-)

Case Histories (Jackson Brodie, #1)   MAY
A trilogy:  The Magician's Land, Lev Grossman  (B+)
no category:  Case Histories, Kate Atkinson   (B+)   recommend   mysteries
A memoir:   Up Till Now, William Shatner   (C-)
Bk you own but haven't read:   Memory Thief, Emily Colin  (B)   love & loss
Bk w/ number in title:   The Nine Lessons, Kevin Alan Milne   (C+)  using golf, father teaches adult son life lessons

The Martian    JUNE
Bk set in the future:   The Martian, Andy Weir   (C)   movie better than book
Bk set somewhere you want to visit:   The Most Beautiful Walk in the World, John Baxter  (C+)
Bk published year you were born:   The Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison   (D)  classic
no category:   The Racketeer, John Grisham  (B-)
no category:   The Gathering, Anne Enright   (F)  didn't finish
no category:  You can Draw in 30 Days, Mark Kistler   (B)   helpful sketching exercises
no category:   No Time for Goodbye, Linwood Barclay  (B)  mystery

This takes you through the first half of the year......stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Glad to see you back in blog - land. Read the farm, kind of creepy and weird but good. Not most of the rest funnily enough, been reading mostly Scandinavian mysteries. Hemingway yes, Doerr in my pile. I did sign up for good reads, will find you, haven't done much with it. Welcome back. xox

  2. Oh my....when do you get the time? No wonder you haven't been doing a lot of art.

  3. I just friended you on goodreads. I will check out some of your recommendations! You're just like me: you read a ton, but don't love very many!


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