365 year 3

Here I go again - 365 artsy endeavors- one for each day......for the third time. Last year wrapped up with completing four gratitude journals that I gifted though I didn't show all the pages.  This year is starting off with another couple of journals.  We're going on a European vacation later in the year with some friends so I embellished a travel journal for each of them as a gift.

#1 and 2 - journal pages with washi embellishments and pockets for collecting 'stuff'

#3 and 4 - I got off track last year and didn't finish my Documented Life (DLP) project but I'm rededicating myself for this year...... They've changed it up a bit and are offering a monthly "theme" with weekly inspiration.  The January theme is "goals" with the first week to use book pages in some way.

I made a background with smooshed inktense coloring, painted a bunch of book pages and cut petals.
I tipped in a page to keep a list of art goals.

#5 - wip mixed media piece......just started.  I taped off the edges but realized I did it backwards and should have done a first layer of paint all around, THEN taped off edges....now I have to figure out what to do with those white edges.  Ooops (as Carolyn Dube would say!)

And so my artsy year begins........  Hope yours is off to a great start!


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    What a fabulous gift idea. Lucky friends. I know yours will be full and overflowing when you get back. Perhaps you should make a second for yourself to take along. xox

  2. You do all this AND have a job too....you must be wonder woman.


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