365-3 keeping busy

Trying to keep up with my daily art practice.....

#6 - documented life journal pages for this week -use a book page:

#7-12  - some of my efforts from lesson one of the Jane Davies class I'm taking.  I was lucky enough to win a drawing for a spot in her popular (and fills quickly) class 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper. My goal with this class is to get in the habit of producing art - somewhat in a series - but more that I create in volume. I want to "get over myself" and paint with the idea of learning, practicing, developing, improving......and that happens best with volume.  So here I go......  Line & Layering

My tools: acrylic paint, calligraphy ink, sharpie, graphite stick and crayons, oil pastel, paint markers in black and white, micron pen, graphite pencils, brayer & brushes.

Looking forward to what next week's class will bring and wondering if I'll find time for other artsy endeavors.......  Have a creative week!


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Nice work on the Davies class. Hope Dan is on the mend. xox

  2. Busy, busy.....well done you.


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