More gelli play last weekend:

Inspired by Karen's fern experiments with paint, I went out to cut from my yard.  My first effort, below is kinda (very!) blobby.  I was using a couple sprigs of dusty miller and they didn't press very flat.

Then I took the ghost print - and loved it; you can see the shape of the leaves!

So I had to try it again - this time made some marks in the paint before pressing in the leaves.
Then, here's the ghost.  - cool, huh?

I do have one sad little fern in the yard so I sacrificed one of its few fronds to try using it as a mask....again, not flat to begin with, but still a clearly defined shape.

I did the ghost print on a calendar page where I'd already cleaned the gelli plate edges a time or two...liking this.

Above - just mark making with the edge of a ruler - like the movement I got there and below is the first and second print using a handmade stamp.

I made many more leaf print attempts with varying success.  I did discover that I got better results once the leaf had been printed a couple times - it flattened out and became easier to use. And now I have some fabulous painty leaves to use in another project (mail art maybe?).

Took a few minutes during break at work to add this - will try to get round and catch up on everyone's creative stuff during lunch and tonight - I'm falling behind and need my blogging fix!


  1. What a great thing to do and I love all the ghost prints

  2. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Great ideas. Ghost prints are always my favourite too :). I may have to go play with my box full of gelatin prints!
    Stay inspired!

  3. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Love the plant forms! So great they look almost surreal. xox

  4. Looking good Terrie...I still have to work out the amount of paint I put on the plate.

  5. I'm in love with the triptych above the red print - with the fern mask on the left, fern ghost print in the center and the blue/purple leaves on the right. Fantastic combination of the different effects!

  6. wonderful pages Terrie! the ghost prints have such wonderful texture. you can feel the fuzziness of the dusty miller. enjoy your catch up! xx

  7. I love the ghost prints off the gel plate too. Really gotta get me some printing time soon. Yours and Karen's prints have me inspired.

  8. "yay!"
    These look wonderful, Terrie... you are really having fun with your art. :]
    LOVE IT ~xx


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