365 in 2013: #246 - 250

Collages, collages everywhere. I made a couple of wrapped foam core 4x4" square collages to send off.....

#246 - Crisp   - handmade paper, lace, gifted papers on gold gift wrap around foam core

#247 - Endless Night -  'alligator' vinyl, book page, papers, gold thread and bead on foam core

#248 - Pink envelope  - I joined another mail swap group at Art Geeks - they have a monthly themed swap and for my first swap I collaged the front and back of envelopes in a monochromatic color.  magazine & washi

#249 -  Red envelope - magazine, washi, paint chip

#250 - Blue envelope - magazine, map, gelli print

Here it is, mid-September and I find my mind going to Christmas. I know, I know, it's WAY early.  But, I like to make some/all of my gifts and I'd like to come up with ideas and get started so I'm not rushing, rushing in December.  Who am I kidding, I'll still be rushing, but maybe not as much.  I have an idea or two so some of my free time now is working on gifts (that I can't show in case they happen to read) - but I'll share after the holidays.


  1. "WOW!!"
    These are awesome collage pieces, Terrie... amazing work! :]
    #247 "endless night" is my favorite.

    ** YES!! the weather has been incredible... I think I brought some of "sunshine" with me from California, what do you think?!! ((LOL))

  2. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Oh endless night is da bomb! xox

  3. You just keep coming up with more and more wonderful collages! I especially like Endless Night and Blue Envelope.

  4. Wow Terrie, you have been busy ;D
    They're all gorgeous so don't ask me to pick a favourite!

  5. Terrie, those first two actually had me saying Wow out loud! love the envelopes too, they have some really great patterns. Not sure what i think about you mentioning the c word though ;-) xx

  6. The careful combination of color and texture are very effective. Lovely work


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