some recent sketches

I've been sketching. No earth shattering revelations or epiphanies, just practice.

at my local beach about 10 minutes from the house - Seahurst Beach:
haven't added the watercolor yet

beachcombing finds

at Seattle Art Museum free evening concerts:
 the iconic Calder sculpture with the city in the background

Georgetown neighborhood Oxbow park:
LOVE this tree! sketched in my 4x6 pentalic book

sketched in my 4x6 pentalic bk on way home from work

drawn standing in the midst of the pea patch garden looking toward the boots & hat in 4x6 bk

And, around the yard:
geraniums on the deck

our sundial but mostly I wanted to practice rocks

Thanks for looking - all comments, critiques, or helpful tips are welcome!

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  1. Love your water-coloring of your sketches. You're getting great shadows and depth (esp. on the sundial/rocks)!


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