urban sketching at King St Station

I attended my second get together of the Seattle urban sketcher group on Sunday. We met at the King St train station which has been SO beautifully restored.  There's a wealth of detail, lighting challenges, and most of all, perspective challenges.

I sketched here for the first time a couple months ago at the end of my perspective workshop and it was SO difficult.  This time I knew what to expect and thought I'd approach it differently, maybe just focusing on a particular detail.  But, no, I was once again sucked into trying to capture some of the grandeur.  This time I challenged myself to include some of the ceiling.....

After spending a chunk of time on the interior, I decided to head outside even though it was drizzly and wet (such a typical Seattle spring day).  I found this undercover waiting area and wanted to see if I could correctly capture the row of planters AND actually include a person.  Moved back inside to add the watercolor.

The sharing time is SO interesting as you get to see what everyone else drew.  There was everything from beautifully rendered interior sketches (including one that focused on the flooring pattern!) to grand outdoor vistas, to sketches focusing on the people in the station.  So much fun!

I loved this people sketch - unfortunately, I don't know enough of the participants to know whose it is, but isn't it great? There were LOTS of cool sketches!

If you have any interest at all in sketching with a supportive group (it helps reduce the pressure of sketching in public when there are others around), look for the urban sketcher group in your city - they are everywhere!


  1. You really are challenging yourself....and overcoming all obstacles in the way. Looks like a very inspiring group.

  2. I like both of these. Actually I'd be more intimidated by the group of other sketchers than I would sketching by myself in public lol. So glad you're out doing this, it's a great skill to learn and you end up with sketchbooks full of memories.


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