a little urban sketching

Okay, here's a first. Sketching in public with just Dan (not part of the urban sketcher group).  We went to the Rhododendron Botanical Garden last weekend and I took my sketch stuff though I wasn't sure what there would be to draw.  We absolutely loved the bonsai museum (garden) that adjoins the botanical garden and there was lots to sketch there so I gave it a go......FUN and not so scary after all.

Here are the photos I took after the sketching:

A few days earlier Dan and I went to our fave local beach and I sketched a bit there.....

Added a touch of color at home....

A couple more sketches through the week from travel photos. I'm trying to work on being quick and representative rather than slow and exact.

Montreal, Notre Dame (furthest back bldg)

St Augustine, FL, Flagler College

Hope you enjoy a creative week.


  1. Wow1 All your practice is really paying off!I especially love the tree branch over the water.

  2. Your sketches are great!...and Dan must be very patient. Not sure if my beloved would hang around while I drew.

  3. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Really fantastic. You are going somewhere with all this sketching. I am enjoying the views. xox

  4. The bonsai look great and I especially like the little Montreal buildings.


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