keeping it challenging

I tackled a couple of complicated looking scenes (for me) over the last couple days.  This first one is the view out my kitchen window.  It's interesting that when I look out it seems all I see are houses, but in the drawing it seems like all fences.  Guess it's both.

Then, yesterday I drove around after work looking for a likely subject.  I headed to West Seattle and discovered this cafe on the corner, right by the freeway.  It was raining, so I found a good parking spot and sketched from the car.
Here's just the sketch (sorry for the weird light - caught the shadow I guess):

Then I added my watercolor - the bright yellow wall is what caught my eye, but not sure I love it in the sketch....it's SO dominant.  Need to work on my evergreen trees and that fence doesn't translate well as a fence......so more practice ahead!

The reference photo taken just as I started - cars came and went so as I was finishing up this is the car that was there (that needs more work too!)  Anyone have any car drawing tips?

Their window sign says they have the 'best' milkshakes, hamburgers & beer.  Told Dan we'll have to go eat there now that I've drawn it!  :)


  1. Sorry I haven't commented before now, but I've really enjoyed looking at all of your posts of your sketches! Every time you post another one I want to say, "Oh, wow! So nice!" So pretend that I've told you that about fourteen times. :-)

  2. You are far better at sketching than I ever was. I'm inspired to do a little more.

  3. Love the look of both b/w and with watercolour.

  4. You're making serious progress - these are both quite good. I guess I'm a lazy sketcher, just looking at all those lines tires me out lol. So I'll just enjoy yours!


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