365/3 composition

I'm continuing with lesson 2 of Jane's Dynamic Composition class - this week we're working on abstract landscapes - a combo of collage and paint.

#94 - 97 - I'm sharing my starting point & my finished pieces.  If you'd like some guidance and tips on creating a variety of compositional styles, I'd definitely recommend taking Jane's class - she offers such great feedback.

#1 - start
#1 finished

#2 start:  collage on 9x9 white square

#2 finished:  All that random collage made for some great texture in the lower half of the piece - tried to create more contrast with the addition of the black handmade papers but think it's too harsh.

#3 start:  created my horizon just on a 9x9 white background.

#3 finished:  Added some text collage on top of the original collage to beef up the contrast and created texture by scraping stripes through the wet paint.

#4 start:  A 9x12 collage over painted background.

#4 finished:  Though I like this one and think I've created some interesting textures top and bottom, I'm not sure I created enough drama in the horizon line - this one might need a bit more work.

Thanks for browsing my site - hopefully you're inspired to try your own mixed media abstract landscape! Have a creative week!


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Love the transformations of your papers with paint. xox

  2. What wonderful leaps and bounds you are taking. Proves that mileage is worthwhile.

  3. wondrous!!!! love what you are learning and applying. YAY!

  4. These are all interesting. Guess I like #2 finished best. Never really occurred to me to collage specifically in order to paint over it. So many ideas out there, which is why classes are good - makes you see new possibilities.


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