365/2 continues

I promised more journal pages and here they are - it's about all the art I'm doing right now since they have to be ready to gift for Christmas.  Yikes, WHAT was I thinking to try to get 4 of these puppies made?????

Another page with a shaped edge - large scallops that I doodled to fill in.....the other side is just inspirational text made on the computer.

A little computer, a little hand coloring.

Another way I added a journaling block (recognize the paper Karen?)

Another cutout edge (badly outlined by computer -sigh). other side below.

And that catches you up a bit with my artsy endeavors lately.  And it takes me through day #316 on this year's 365 project. Woohoo!


  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Love your tangly lettering. Not so good at the caligraphy myself. Always love those who can. xox

  2. I so so sooooooo love this BEautimous work you are DOing, Terrie!! I really love to see you taking on challenges and projects that amaze and deLIGHT you. I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday, too!! As well a jolly good Christmas.

  3. Deadlines are not my favourite thing. I find they stifle creativity to a certain extent as you are in a hurry to get the project done. That said, I think your pages are great.....and I LOVE the gratitude Scavenger Hunt. We should all do that.

  4. Yeah, I swear in 2015 I'm starting my xmas projects in June. Hope you get done. I like the design on the November page.
    Great job keeping up with a whole year's worth of art. I'm officially impressed.

  5. Yes - that yummy paper! Have your books been finished and given by now? I bet the recipients were knocked out.


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