time flies

My goodness, I haven't written anything since Thanksgiving!  AND, I only managed time to make just a few Christmas cards.  I'm totally missing being in my art room but my time the last couple weeks has been all about the holidays.  Like many of the rest of you I'm sure.....

The tree is up

the mantel is decorated with Santas and family Christmas photos (I made the mantel scarf this year)

the Santa collection is perched here, there, and all over the house

Then, the days flew by and suddenly it is time to mail off the round robin journal again and I've done.....not much.  So the last few days after work have been all about the journal.  The dual theme of the book is humanity / mother nature.  I opted to focus on nature.....

Used black pens, watercolor & Inktense colored pencils and a white out marking pen for details.

the second spread......some watercolor smooshes transformed by a little artful doodling & lettering

Hope she enjoys the pages.....  I'm thoroughly enjoying working in the journals as they come my way. This one is headed out in the mail tomorrow and I'll be receiving a new one to play in.

Now, I really must refocus my energy on my collages; I've kinda lost my way the last couple weeks and have some serious catch up to do if I don't want to start 2014 behind before I start!


  1. Wonderful Holiday cheer in your home! I loved your journal pages. I like how you combined different media. Merry Christmas!

  2. Amazing art journal spreads! I have been in a Christmas block...zoning out...I have so much to do with little time to do it in. So many things I thought of after the fact...and the time just keeps flying by!! What a beautiful tree! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Journal pages are beautiful Terrie. Love the mantel scard too, oh talented one. xox

  4. Geez, all your pics are great. Love the tree - loaded to gills like I like them. The mantel looks good, I always enjoyed decorating mantels. The art journal pages are wonderful! Love the first one, all that doodling. Wish I were better at that sort of thing. She'll love it.

  5. I know how you feel Terrie. However, your Xmas projects, tree, and decorations are all fabulous.

  6. I know I've been offline a few days, so had to stop in and tell you how much I LOVE your tree. I also love the Santas you have collected. They are so well staged, too. I wish I had a mantel. Yours is beautiful with your new banner.

    I bet your round robin partner will love her pages. They are beautiful.

  7. oh my - I could look at that first journal spread all day. the leaves, the lettering and those colors....
    simply gorgeous.


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