artful progress

I found time this weekend to work a little more on my large canvas - still not done, but moving along.....

At the end of last weekend it was here:

This weekend I added some tiny dots for more size variety (hole punch size from a pepsi box), gessoed over the circles to push them back a bit, added my "stem" drips with india ink.

I think the next step is to add more depth again by creating some contrast around some of the circles and layer a bit of something over them....not quite sure.....

In between and around working on this, I also dug out the stash of fall leaves I pressed and dried last year.  I haven't known what to do with them, they're just pretty.  I tried an experiment and coated a few in gel medium and attached to postcards and sent them off into the world.  They survived!  So, I picked my prettiest leaves and coated them all in preparation for more art uses.

Early this year Karen (I am Rushmore) participated in a swap of Inspiration Card Deck cards and I wanted to participate but found it too late.  Now I'm on top of it and eager to join in.  There's lots of time because it's not due til 11/15 - you can check her site and see how she's tackling the task of altering/decorating 52 playing cards and then adding a bit of inspiration to each card.  At the end of the swap you'll have an entirely different deck, filled with 52 creative sound bites of creative love! (whew, a bit flowery doncha think?)  Anyway, I got started.  My thought is to keep a few cards in progress at all times on my desk and add to them with bits and pieces of ongoing projects - very different from how Karen is approaching hers.  If you think it sounds like fun and want to join in, visit here.  It's going to be FUN!

Host Jessica says:

Using gesso (black and white) and starting with a base....

Last, but not least, I tackled a solution to a long standing problem.  I can't draw bodies, human forms, anything remotely like that but sometimes I wish I could add a body/form to my journal page or art.  So I finally tried something I'd been mulling around for awhile.  I'm sure I've seen it somewhere online but when or where, I have no idea.

I went through my photos looking only at body positions, printed them in black and white and traced the body shape with a marker.  Cut it out.  Traced it onto my art. Easy.  THEN, how about if I make a stamp of it?  So I traced it onto that thin little craft foam, cut it out and glued it to a piece of foam core.  Instant stamp. Cool results.  I have more body shapes that will be showing up.  Hooray - this was a fun, easy project with great results.....

Started with a reworked piece of art on 8x6 watercolor paper - collage and paint.

Make some cutup body shapes.....

Traced and painted figure & words added.... (maybe some day I'll get brave enough to try adding hair!)

Added to the art on the right, body cutout and foam stamp in center and stamped image on left.

So, once again I had a fruitful weekend.....all this plus time for a beach combing walk, an afternoon spent with friends watching college football and a Netflix movie to unwind at night.  All in all, a great weekend.
Hope yours was fabulous too.


  1. WOW!!!
    You are being very "artsy" lately.
    You have been gifted with the 'creative bug!" :]
    Really like what is going on here... loads of inspiration!!
    Love all the art you are working on, Terrie.
    Yes, the 52 deck of cards. Great project.
    I did this with my online art friends a while ago, now I have such an inspiring deck of cards. Enjoy...

  2. That is a hugely busy weekend... love the canvas progress and can't wait to see where it goes next... and I used to tell people that solution for figures all the time when I was teaching... makes it easy to see the proportions and before you know it you will have improved dramatically...xx

  3. I am super impressed with your "stamps." They are perfect. I don't take photos of myself, but I have a few of friends. I think a magazine image might be better, though. What a fun project the 52 cards must be for you. Sounds like fun, but probably more than I want to take on right now.

    I like the circles and lines you have added to your large canvas. It is SO different from where it first started. And of course, it sounds like your weekend was far busier and more productive than mine!

  4. wow, loving all your goodies today from the beautiful leaves, the circle on your large canvas and the people cut outs are genius! And then you got to go walk on the beach...uhm..need a house guest? lol Sounds like a wonderful week end...now I'm off to look for people to cut out of magazines! hee hee waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. That's really neat Terrie. There'll be figures all over the place.


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