painting ala carolyn

Inspired by Carolyn's 'Use Your Words' (it's a free series of inspirational and instructional videos) post, along with several others, I mimicked her painting.  You can see more contributions in the flickr group. A friend picked up a 12x12 canvas at a bargain and gifted it to me, just when I was feeling the need to try something other than collages and mail art.  Then I happened upon Carolyn's inspirational post......

A Colorful Workshop: Use Your Words with Carolyn Dube  I copied this from Carolyn's Use Your Words (free tutorials) so please visit her to see how it's supposed to be done!  She has a button on her sidebar making it easy to find her lessons.

Version 1:

After living with this for a week or so, I've determined I need to make a few changes - I think the letters are too big and the top colors are too narrow and stripey.  So, a little rework is in order....let's see how it turns out....

Nope, still not feeling it.  Gesso to the rescue and going a whole different direction:

Maps, tissue paper and some of Karen's stamped tissue paper are the start of my next effort.  This 12x12 canvas may have LOTS of layers before I'm done!


  1. well I have to say that I was really admiring your first canvas...and then when you changed it, well I liked it even more. I loved that twirling lady! But I know that you will make something even more splendid, and can't wait to see it. xo

  2. Oh I love your dancer sketch and the colors. Your map piece is quite fun and I am looking forward to seeing that finished! Go girl. xox

  3. Your work inspired me to join up Carolyn's blog. Well done.

  4. what would we do without gesso? I used to be so afraid to put anything on canvas - what if I screwed it up? But seeing enough people do what you've just done and completely rework a canvas took all that fear away. so what if I don't like it. cover it up and start again. I look forward to seeing what happens to your canvas next!


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