365 in 2013: #45-49

Last weekend I did find time to make some collages but didn't find time this week to scan and upload.  Since I'm off work today, it's catch up on all the details day......

I started by using my black gesso to paint over my cardboard/cereal box fronts.  I love the deep, solid black base it creates.  I kind of had it in my mind to work in black/white/tan and see what would happen on the black background.  Ended up going a different way......

Partly because Karen's swap package of papers arrived and I wanted to dip right in.....

#45 - Karen's Influence
I only added the diamonds and apple - the other papers are bits from Karen (you'll be seeing more since I didn't use it all up).

#46 - Quietude

Experimented with a square format (5x5") - two papers from Karen help form the background and then I'd received a promo postcard for something or other with this little boy on it and I've had it in my stash for over a year.  I finally found him a home.

#47 - Romantic Nights

Papers, washi tape, a paper napkin on black gesso.  5x5"

#48 - Goin' Round in Circles

This one developed entirely accidentally.  My fingernail scraped the black gesso and left a mark - paint over it or make more marks?  I scraped away and the cereal box colors under the gesso made such a cool random pattern!  Added some torn curved papers and called it done.  And fun!

#49 - Shadow Leaves
I have this sheer handmade paper with a big leaf pattern - I visualized the sheerness against the black background so covered the whole background with a piece of this paper. Then what?  I decided to play up the leaf colors with layers of tissue paper since I didn't want to obscure the original leaf pattern.  Turned out totally different than I expected!

Now it's a new weekend and I'm excited to get back into the art room and use more of Karen and Lorinda's  swap papers.....will share soon!


  1. The more mileage you do the better you get. Love the leaf one.

    The "black" background as your back drop, perfect.
    Your collage work is fantastic... I can see your progress, Terrie. Keep it up!!
    You are defiantly thinking outside the box. :]

  3. I love the happy accident of the scratched gesso over your colorful cardboard. and I love the layers and repeating images in the leafy one.

  4. Oh I really love the blue green fern like piece.....good collages, you are doing it. xox

  5. I just love these Terrie! The black gesso is a great idea. The last three are all just fabulous and all for such different reasons. The crisp, sharpness of the black and white, the fun colours of the scraped gesso, the soft earthiness of the last one. Lovely one and all. xx

  6. i like all of these, but my favourite is the square format with the little boy. the colours & composition work so well!


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