365 in 2013: 50-58

Still working to catch up on my 365 collages....this week has been particularly fun as I played and played with papers swapped with Lorinda and Karen who are also challenging themselves to make collages.

I worked only with papers from the two ladies and came up with these (the first few are using Lorinda's papers and the last two are using Karen's - a couple of mine last week used Karen's as well)......

#50 - Withdrawn
the black handwriting on the bottom is actually some washi tape peeled from her envelope - love that tape! stamped book page, map, hand decorated paper and wrapping paper

#51 - So Much Fun
The bold black/white background is from a tennis shoe ad and all the pods are from a calendar page that I just loved cutting up (I also scanned it so I can use it again!)

#52 - On the Road
Lorinda's envelope was a piece of wrapping paper or something covered with these fun animals, a great map and beautiful mulberry paper as well as more of that stamped book page.

#53 - Path not Taken
A simple composition that started with this postcard from Butchart Gardens, some beautiful paper, the calendar page again and a little stitching.

#54 - Misty Memories
Simple but I like it because it seems to highlight each of the papers.

#55 - Deconstructed Tulip
On white watercolor paper (5x7) I cut up the magazine photo of a big parrot tulip into random shapes and then reassembled them.  This is Dan's favorite.  Below is the original photo.

#56 - Tread Softly (using Karen's papers)
Magazine images and hand decorated papers, doodles & stitching.

#57 - Give me Silence
Monochromatic (there's still something appealing about these, though I think they're a bit difficult) - French book page, magazine images, circle stamped tissue, hand decorated papers.

#58 - Whisper of Spring
Starting with Karen's mailing envelope as the inspiration, I added magazine images, decorated papers and a photo of trees she took.

I definitely found myself in a groove with this series - I have lots of paper left over from both ladies so you'll be seeing it show up here and there as I continue sticking stuff together!  Hope you all have found time to be creative this weekend.  I can't wait to visit and see what you've been up to!


  1. These are lovely, lovely collages.

  2. I enjoy your collages very much.

  3. marvelous use of varied elements, you are rolling along nocely. I adore 56 and 57 xox

  4. It's so much fun to play 'spot the paper' in these collages. I am so thoroughly enjoying seeing what you're doing with them.

  5. I just love seeing what you did with my papers Terrie. Funny how we can look at the same pieces day after day and never 'see' them together but then another creative mind comes along and voila--perfection! Thanks again for the swap my friend! xx

  6. My...you are going from strength to strength. Just shows, mileage counts.

  7. I am quite impressed with these collages. It's been so long since I've been by, I can't even begin to get caught up in a single setting.

    I love the deconstructed tulip. I agree with your hubby. It's my favorite, too. But I also like the monochromatic piece, too. They are harder because of the more subtle color changes.

    Nicely done. Very impressive.


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