i'm a lucky lady

My weeknights are often a wasteland from art - I'm tired from work and lazy.  So I look forward to the weekends and this weekend especially.  I'm going to revel in collage making.  I'm a little behind in my goal of 365 and I'm excited to play catch up this weekend.  

My buddies Karen and Lorinda are also working on 365 projects and we decided to swap some papers for fresh inspiration.  OMG - I really can hardly wait.  Each lady included some of their own hand decorated papers, bits of ephemera, colorful pieces that I can't wait to play with.  Next week I'll show you what I come up with using this:

From Karen:

From Lorinda:

What I sent to them:

This is exciting, isn't it?  Thanks so much ladies for all the inspiration.


  1. Hi Terrie. I received your gorgeous package (and beautiful postcard) today!! The package was open at the top so I'm really hoping nothing was lost (I'll post pics sometime this week). Inspired by Karen, I've just spent the last hour or two making collages out of just your pieces. It was a fun challenge and I still have some leftovers to keep playing with. Thanks again my friend!! xoxo (and thanks for the fun idea for the postcard)

  2. Hi Terrie... what beautiful paper to collage with! It is always a treat to share your collection with others, and receive new inspiration from new supplies. I am glad the ironing of plants suggestion was helpful to you.

  3. Fun papers, will be great to see what you create! Nice to have something inspirational to simply play with and see where it takes you. Keep making those lovely collages. xox

  4. A lot of great stuff to work with there Terrie. I look forward to some stunning collages.

  5. Weeknight art has been really hard for me lately too. Lorinda's papers are beckoning and I haven't been able to play with them yet. There's a chance we will have a snow day tomorrow, which will give me a 3 day weekend to make art. I will wear my pajamas inside out tonight (which the kids claim is a sure-fire way to make a snow day happen)


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