365 in 2013: 59 - 64

I'm still 10 or so off the pace, but still plugging along.  This week are not my faves though I'm pleased with how Cowgirl turned out.  The photo is of my mother in law with her horse Lady.  For this series I painted and used my new distress spray inks over my cardboard backs to see what happened.  I liked the color on the background but found myself struggling with composition on some of these.....

#59 - Making It

#60 - Finding Seattle (used a Seattle Hertz map as the main pieces and a piece of a photo from Karen)

#61 - Cowgirl (my mother in law a number of years ago)

#62 - Y is for Yes

#63 - Vintage Gal (scrounged around and came across this image which is totally not my style, but somehow it felt like she could work on this piece - liked my inky spritzed background)

#64 - Moonrise  (cohesive or a jumble.....I go back and forth....)

I feel like it's an underwhelming offering this week, but sometimes you learn as much from stuff you don't love as you do when you call it a success.  I hope to carve out a little more collage time this weekend but I have to catch up on my mail art as well.....  While one project dries, I can work on the other!


  1. I like the first one.

    A lot.

  2. like the effect of your sprayed backgrounds, and agree with Jo about 'moonrise' being cohesive


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