365 in 2013: 65 - 77

Time to catch up on my collage work......

#65 - Jungle Fever - I came across this elephant napkin that I received in a swap somewhere and it became the basis for this collage.

#66 - Romance by Phone - photos from inside my Netflix envelope - somehow I like where this one ended up....

#67 - Blackbird Sings - bird cutout on hand painted paper stripes

#68 - simplicity journal - hand decorated papers and an inspirational journal page image

#69 - simplicity journal - a collage built around a fun lettering inspiration.

#70 - simplicity journal - more fun writing to inspire me - filled in with paper & washi tape.

#71 - Movement in Black & White:  I like the splash of color added to this one.

#72 - Surprise Mosaic:  I painted some stripes on a left over piece of cardboard, cut it up and rearranged the pieces.

#73 - Kitchen Sink - decided to try a few collages with NO paper!  Yes, that's right, no paper. This one is made on a 6" square piece of cork; a slice of sisal, some drywall tape, coffee stirrer sticks w/ ink drops, some painted bubble wrap, etc.

#74 - Wired Up - on a coardboard backing, the first layer is screening, then some found metal and a hunk of garden mesh and some jewelry and brass wire.....everything but the key had to be wired down.....

#75 - Movin' Up - totally fabric.....a brown felt base, various fabrics including a bit of leather, red felt triangles, stitiching.

#76 - Screen Print - all fabric glued to a cardboard base; the heart is felt wrapped in yarn, the green netting is flared out.

#77 - Tracey's Spring - this piece started with a strip of a painting gifted from Tracey Fletcher King right in the center.

I continue to love to be challenged by this goal of 365 collages.  The whole idea started with Hanna challenging others to join her in creating 365 'somethings' ......there are participants making all sorts of different things - sketches, faces, characters, etc.  Join in - start anytime, make your year start today.......


  1. My, you have been busy. I like them all but I especially like the one with the bird.

  2. oh my gosh, Terrie - those non-paper collages are so cool. Funny how easily I get locked into thinking collage=paper. Of your paper ones, I'm especially taken with the striped paper that you cut up. Lots of great inspiration here!

  3. Marvelous interplay of all kinds of elents. Your kitchen sink and wire collages are so inventive and I could always enjoy some romance by phone, chuckle...xox

  4. you reminded me of something I'd completely overlooked in this 365 challenge.

    I love your variations. When I am teaching I ask the kids what collage is, first, BEfore anything, and one answer I have never forgotten is "a collision" BEcause that is sort of what it is, eh?!

    I love how you've gone "off the grid" a bit and how much fun you are having.

    Rock On!!

  5. These are fantastic Terrie. I LOVE your non-paper collages. Brilliant. You really know how to think outside the page. xx

  6. You are really pushing the boundaries with this project Terrie. Goodonya. Love the Lollapalooza journal page.

  7. Lots of great ideas in these images, so much to take in. Esp like your simplicity journal, kind of like me trying to be a bit minimalistic... :-)


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