just a peek

Thought I'd share a peek at my hallway.....this long wall heading to our bedroom is the perfect place to display my art.  I rotate things through now and then as I finish something I like.  It's amazing how much better a piece of art looks when it's framed or hung with other art instead of just sitting on my worktable or propped on the floor.

There are 2 pieces that aren't mine....the owl and the largest one anchoring the arrangement (both were gifts).  Some are photos or digitally altered art, a couple of my mixed media pieces, a big "P" (last name Purkey), a watercolor painting.  I love the way this wall changes and evolves!

Another canvas I painted over and like SO much better!

A watercolor 'study' from a couple years ago. I still like the simplicity of this painting as I continue to try to paint a good tree.

Do you display your art in your home?


  1. how wondrous to "see" your art @ home!! I actually DO have my art throughout the Wee Cottage. at one time I thought my walls looked like a rainbow had thrown up on them, then in late 2011 I took everything down and started over. Now I have several little pockets where I have art that I have completed. it's inspiring to me and comforting, too, in a strange way.
    thanks for asking and reminding...

  2. A perfect little gallery Terrie.

  3. Thanks for sharing your gallery wall. I like seeing how art is displayed in someone's home. I have a few pieces throughout my home and most in my studio but I like your idea of putting it together on the one wall.

  4. Nice display, how pleasurable it must be to walk your hallway and see all that loveliness there. Your interior designer is showing through....xox

  5. lovely, Terrie. I have a few of my things hanging in my house, though mostly upstairs where only the 3 of us see them. I haven't really ventured out into my "public" space in my house. perhaps if I stopped mailing all my art away I'd have more to hang :)

  6. I love your wall of treasures Terrie! Such beautiful pieces. I esp. love your painted-over canvas! I do display some of my art around the house...mostly where it isn't necessarily seen by others (aka hidden in our bedroom) but it still makes me happy when I go by. Thanks for your kind comment on my collages yesterday xoxo

  7. Terrie, I have made a point to display anything I create that I don't actually send out... And I only have two pieces! HA! I send out so much of whatever I finish that they are either in friends' homes, or gone around the world. However... I came here to say that it's GREAT when artists embrace their work and have confidence to put it on the wall. I love your wall. I bet people stop and just gaze at each piece in turn.

    I'll be over this weekend.

  8. And thanks so much for not having any CAPTCHA codes on your comments section. It's a relief not having to try to put those in. Sometimes I can't even comment on a blog I love because of them.

  9. This is "FANTASTIC"... LOVE YOUR ART WALL!! :]

  10. I love hanging work like that as a group and they do look so different when they are framed... I am always surprised by that... I really like the trees watercolour... Hope you are having a wonderful Easter ...xx

  11. What a wonderful display Terrie,
    I think I might adopt this idea when I move...they all look stunning.
    It's a real great gallery! ;D
    The watercolour is so delicate and as you know I adore trees so you had me at hello as they say!
    I haven't visited for so long but just wanted to check I haven't missed you with being so busy lately!
    I hope all is well in your corner of the world! Have fun :D


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