mail art and still painting

I received such a bounty of postcards this month - partly thanks to the fun swaps at MMSA and partly just folks staying in touch.

Here's all the mail that's been making me and my mail box so happy (I think I've got it all here).  So tonight I sat down and spent time writing back to all these wonderful ladies.  Sometimes people don't include their address which makes me sad that I can't send them something in return, but everyone else will hopefully get something in the next week or so.......

I thought I'd try working in a series so made a group that are similar in style - actually took the idea from the painting I did last week with dark leaves.....

Then I decided to try the "paint one big piece and cut it up" method of postcard making.  This is the cardboard from the side of a case of pepsi.  I painted, stenciled and stamped away, then cut it up into p/c sized pieces and ended up with 5 postcards!  I may add a little stitching or something, but this was a really fun exercise.  I know I've seen many of you use this technique and now I understand why! :)

So I had plenty of postcards made to return one to everyone and a few left over for the next batch.  Yahoo!

Next up, a quick update on my revised Joy painting which became collaged with maps and tissue paper layers....here's where it stands now:

Painted a layer of bright colors...........

Love the way the texture is showing up............

My next layer of gesso to push back some of that bright color......now where?  Will have to see .....

Hope my friends back east are lucky enough to escape the worst of the recent snow storms.  I can't believe the weather is still so nasty back there.  Whenever I think of complaining about the rain, I realize how much worse it could be (SNOW!) and just shut right up.  I'll take my rain any day!


  1. Oh I really like your post card series, these are so graphic and colorful...more, more, more...xox

  2. Wow Terrie, what a wonderful pile of happiness, no wonder you and your mail-box were smiling.
    I love the postcards you have done for the return too, so bright and cheerful, beautifully done my lovely.
    Your collage picture is looking amazing too, oodles of fab texture and colour, can't wait to see what you do next.
    Huge hugs x

  3. I'm a great believer in doing a large page, then using a cardboard 'frame' to isolate balanced pieces to cut for ATCs, miniatures, and postcards. It is important to use your knowledge to choose e good design...that's where all your mileage counts.

  4. gorgeous postcards. I love cutting down big pieces too, and I really like Jo's frame suggestion above.

  5. Your postcards look great! I like making one large piece and then cutting it into postcards. And I like your series of leaf postcards, too. Anyone would be happy to find one of your cards in their mailbox.

  6. Great idea about making a big pc of art and then cutting up! I think I'm going to do this for ATCs too. Hugs from the Philippines! Patsy from

  7. I've got one of your postcards!!! Thank you so much, I love it!
    Love your blog too - it's been bookmarked!


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