July mosaic

I made a mosaic for my July ICADs but didn't think about it for my 365 collages until just today!  So, here it is, a months worth of collaging (courtesy of Big Huge Labs).

I have to say, my collage collection box is filling right up!  And what a journey to go back through and see the quantity of collages - some great, some not-so-great and most are just okay.  This is a practice I think I'll keep!  And it all started with Hanna - THANKS!


  1. Not just the quantity Terrie, but the quality. Better and better. (from Dubai)

  2. Love, love these mosaics of your collages....So great! xox

  3. I always love these mosaics Terrie! What a fabulous way to see a huge collection of your art all at once. You have some wonderful collages there--it's great to see them again. xx


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