365 in 2013: #225 - 229

Collages, collages everywhere!  With this long weekend I totally plan to get caught up (when the hell did I fall so far behind????) - Yay, time for an arting weekend..... So you're not overwhelmed with collages, here's a few I've done this week before the weekend onslaught.

#225 - What Feels Right?   - some swapped papers & a paint strip from the UK (thanks Dawn) on blue cardstock.

#226 - Don't Worry  - Swapped old ledger sheets, book pages from a 1940's bk, p/c text, etc. Simple but I kinda like it.

#227 - Bullfinch Oldstyle -  another in the R. Plowman style with all the text coming from my fabulous type book, magazine bird and pattern paper.

#228 - Cried  - grid format using pieces of my gelli print attempts (2" sq each), text cut from the type book scraps - it's the only word I could make with the various letters left over from other projects :)

#229 - Mail Art  - two postcards I made for the MMSA tree theme swap; the palm tree green is stamped tissue paper and the circle tree is from a vintage atlas I picked up.

Hope you have beautiful weather, time to relax AND time to art this long weekend (in the US anyway).


  1. you know what a sucker I am for blue and orange! but I really like the composition of that one and the positive/negative effect of those circles. Can't wait to see the trees in person. (maybe they're in my mail box right now? It's been a few days since I've been to the PO)

  2. Love those trees. Hope one of them lands in my envelope for this swap! Making mine today. xox

  3. These are wonderful Terrie! All so different that I really couldn't pick a favourite... Love the atlas tree, the painted papers, and, again, your neutral coloured papers. xx


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