365 in 2013: #211 -

I had such a productive weekend - for a change my energy, time, and muse all showed up at the same time....how often does that happen????  I'm showing my 365 collages catch up......

#211 - Listen to Dreams - using some papers from swaps and sending it out as mail art

#212 - Nourish Your Mind;  another collage using swapped papers and a calendar piece from my 1928 type book (going out as mail art)

#213 - Books;  using type & parts of pages from the 1928 type reference book (love that book!) (going out as mail art)

#214 - Noisy  - though hard to see, this one is rich in textures and obviously very neutral....I tried darkening the contrast so you could see some of the texture which is why the cardboard at the top is so dark - it really isn't.

#215 - Circles of Calm  - gelli papers, dots and circles and cutouts on a piece of manila folder

#216 - Diamond in the Rough  - I love working on black - I had a couple of bits of gifted & swapped papers that I wanted to feature

#217 - Waiting  - cut the size above in half for 2 more black collages again using gifted papers (white) and shiny silver (the inside of a Christmas card envelope)

#218 - Folded Apples  - the white strip is accordion folded to stand out from the page....looks cool

Will be back in a few days to show you the rest......we're going camping this week so will be out of touch a few days but hopefully will come home with some fresh ideas for some more natural collages......


  1. Rocking it with these collages...enjoy your camping, weather should be good up your way. xox

  2. Lol I recognise some of those papers! Gorgeous collages Terrie, I love them all.
    Have a fab week and I hope the weather is good to you.
    Huge hugs x

  3. Oh my...you have been busy Terrie ;D
    It would be difficult to pick out a favourite, so please don't ask me.
    They are all so fantastic.
    You must be thrilled to have your energy, time, and muse all in one place at the same time. I'm hoping that will happen to me tomorrow.
    I've missed my art so much, but hope to rectify that tomorrow and I'm so excited.
    I hope your week ahead is a creative one :D
    ((♥)) Hugs

  4. You're really doing some great little collages. I love the diversity of them all.

    Enjoy your camping trip!

  5. I love all the textures you are playing with. They really bring your collages to life. Great colours.
    I tried to send you an email but it said you have changed accounts and I can't reply now you have google plus :(
    Hope you have a great time with your camping trip.

    1. Well Von, I just can't seem to figure out how to make my blog a "reply" blog again. I can't find a setting in google+ that addresses follow / no-follow and don't know why you can't reply to me from your blog. Do you just click on my name and get my email or do you have to go totally outside the blog to your email account? This is all a bit confusing to me but I want to make it as easy as possible for folks to talk to me :)

  6. **fantastic** these are wonderful collages, Terrie!! :]

  7. Such a great collection Terrie! I particularly love Noisy and waiting. The compositions and color combinations are wonderfully appealing. You have some lucky mail art recipients! Hope you're enjoying your camping. xx


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