365 in 2013: #219 - 224

Catching up on my 365 collages:

#219 - Lovin' Wine - gifted papers, book cover, cardboard heart

#220 - Little Girl Smiles - vintage swapped papers, pattern, vintage photo

#221 - Riverview School - strips cut from thrifted greeting cards stitched in place

#222 - Greetings in Pieces - cut pieces from thrifted greeting cards

#223 - Camping - ephemera from our camping trip

#224 - Coconut Order - gifted vintage papers, washi on blue cardstock (maybe a bit bright)

Still loving' this process and playing with all my papers.....the hardest part is deciding which ones to cut or tear up.....they're all so pretty or special or unusual......but then the best way to 'save' them is to use them and enjoy them in a finished piece, right?  Constructive criticism always appreciated - I want to improve and am totally willing to hear your suggestions or critiques. :)


  1. More fun collages! Sorry I haven't been around to visit recently. Summers are so difficult for me but now that fall is just around the corner I'll be doing better.

  2. Oh the neutrals at the top and bottom are wonderful, so soothing and what's not to love about wine! xox

  3. Well, I really like 219 and 224 but especially 220. The dressed up little girl, the old papers, the arrow. Very nice.

  4. finally, finally doing a big catch up... another great collection of collages. I really enjoy the transparent, neutral colors of the first two. though i love how you used memorabilia from your camping trip! xx


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