summer journal: alter ego

This prompt was hard for me - ALTER EGO. Mulled it over most of the day and kept coming back to a black and white split scheme (for a dark alter ego?). The difficulty came in how to portray me - my AE - when I can't really draw.... So of course the first skill my alter ego would have is the ability to draw!

Not totally satisfied with this one - it's hard to read and kinda plain but everything I thought of to add detracted from my need for black/white, so I finally made myself stop. I needed to take more time to develop the title - it's totally boring.....

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  1. A ha! found your blog!

    Please don't think that you can do an art journal wrong! If you feel like you're not satisfied with your page, you can start over! It's okay to feel stuck and not know how to execute what it is you want to journal about. Just keep trying!

    Keep going Terrie!


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