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I sure don't know what's so addicting about Zentangles - some of them take a fair amount of concentration and detail; but they're quite relaxing.....I find time just zooms by while I'm playing with pen and paper.

Since InTheSun doesn't offer prompts on the weekend and I don't want to lose my momentum, I looked up a couple of new patterns and played with tangles.  Want to try?  The official site is Zentangle.com or just google it - there are lots of blogs out there with inspirational ideas and how-tos.


  1. I was tangling yesterday evening as I watched a movie and have a page full of zentangles. It is entrancing!
    After visiting several websites I purchased some of the books (Zentangle Basics and Totally Tangled) Now I want Zentangle 2 and Zentangle 3.

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I love the colored background! Beautiful tangles!

  3. Terrie, in answer to your question I think Totally Tangled is the book I would get if I were only getting one. I bought it through Amazon although I am sure lots of book sites carry it. You are past the basics. I started with this one and I know I was adding in my own stuff before long but I think you would really like this book. The Zentangle Basics book only has 18 pages. Totatlly Tangled has about 50 pages and it just shows how to combine patterns better. There is Time to Tangle with Color I have not purchased that I might check into soon.
    Have fun!


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