summer journal: take a vacation video

This was a really fun prompt - Natty posted a music video titled Take A Vacation for inspiration. The graphic, colorful and 60's style was fun and full of lots of ideas. I took the repeating image, different color approach to my fingernail polish while drinking a glass of tea.

As for the vacation theme, the song immediately reminded me of our trip to Tahiti, so I used trusty PSE to drop in the Tahiti beach behind my toes that are actually on my deck here at home! Add in a little Inktense pencil work, a beachball (also from the video), some bubble wrap stamping, a little hunk of lime netting, and a summer trip feels imminent.

Visit other journalers at the flickr group - there's great work being done! Visit Natty's site to sign up and follow along with the prompts.


  1. Wow, great page, ou were busy today! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Very summery. I like this page a lot!


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