journal page: wish list

In The Sun art journal prompt for today was to make a Summer Wish List and then use junk mail window envelopes on the page.  I used 3 envelopes - it's fun to have something showing through the window w/o having to create the window myself.  I finished the page using no paint this time, but did fall back on my Inktense pencils, some photos from books, a letter stamp from Malaysia, some scrapbook paper scraps and, of course, some doodling.

My wish list is:  weekend getaway, visit CS in Chelan, try new creative projects, take a class, and spend more time w/ the boys (the grown boys have a hard time fitting us in during the summer) :)


  1. Another great page, Terrie!

  2. What a great idea... I'll be looking for interesting 'windows' now.


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