the postman brings joy

Even Dan has become invested in what shows up in our mailbox these days.  Since he's home during the day, he checks the mail and my little stack of mail art awaits me on the table when I come home.  He's already gone through it and picked his favorites.  Since making anything is just not in his wheel house, he's constantly amazed that people find the time AND that they actually enjoy the time spent making mail art. Silly man.

I have been dreadful about sharing and publicly thanking folks for all the lovely mail art I get.  I always try to email or comment on their blog when I receive something (though sometimes it gets away from me).....but I just can't manage all the scanning and sharing for every piece I get.

Most of you know I love swapping via MMSA (mail me some art) so I'm creating weekly pieces for Karen's themes but then I have lots of personal correspondence too - all fun, but all takes time.  Anyway, one of my recent fave MMSA swaps was postal ATCs and I just got mine in the mail so had to share.....

Aren't these great?  Clockwise from top left:  Pamela @ Cappuccino & Art; Rhoz; Andria @ Drawing Near, Michele C, Bev B, and Indigo in Colorado.  I love each and every one of them and thank my lucky stars this isn't a theme I skipped!

Then, here are a few postcards I got this week - even if your card didn't make the scanner, please know I love hearing from you and WILL respond to every single card I get (that has a return address :).

Above, thanks to Corrine and Peggy Lynn.  Below, thanks to Honi, Dori and Jo.  Thanks so much ladies!

Send more mail art! :)


  1. Yummy mailbox! I hate it when my hubby opens the mail though...I like it pristine when I get it LOL xox

  2. You must have the happiest and busiest postman around with all that creative mail coming in! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  3. Some great pieces Terrie! you must have quite the collection by now. B always makes sure to leave my mail sitting in the bench in our sun room so it's the first thing i see walking up the steps. he doesn't 'get it' either but knows how much i look forward to them. thanks for sharing these beauties!! x


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